Monday, June 30, 2008

ahhhh ogn is tomorrow!!!

So this is a Pre-OGN OGN blog hah.

tomorrow is OGN, and so today is a special day, because today is the day for preperation!

I have forgotten to ask 3 people to pray for me this week, so. i have no one praying for me especially... so ive realised...

im going to fast today, until the OGN meeting at 6:30 tonight.

i want to meet with God today, and pray to him that it wasnt a mistake not asking anyone. there were a few people in mind that i wanted to ask, but i never got around to it, and now im kind of regretting it. Ive thought of a few people i want to ask, but i dont really know how to ask them "can you pray for me.... for a week?" i mean... i guess i could just say "can you pray for me while im at OGN? Because i need all the prayers i can get while im evangalising, in my 3rd year, when im STILL terrified,"

Im excited, no... more than excited... i dont even know the word for the excited level that im at. I am extremely stoked for OGN and its wonders.

i believe its 46 people that are going this year?

thats the biggest group that ive been a part of!!!

i am SO excited for all the 1st years. my first year at OGN sky-rocketed my faith and changed me drastically... and im SOOOOO tremendously excited to watch some of my closest friends transform this week! im excited to see Encounter change! Im excited to see people who ive never seen worship in my life, worship whole-heartedly.

I am excited to see my brother play drums for the worship, im excited to see him worship at times when he can, im excited to see him sing along while hes playing, because that just hits me and overwhelms me to the point where i HAVE to worship or i will explode.

im excited to get to the point where my body cant worship enough to show how im feeling inside, to where the only thing i can resort to is tongues because no words in the english language can express my love and awe for God.

ahhhhh i love it!

AND! im excited for girl bonding. and spiritual moments in the dorms... and im excited that hopefully some people i know, will change drastically for Jesus, even though its not their 1st year.

Im excited for the guaranteed week-long meeting with Jesus.

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