Saturday, June 28, 2008

Big Bear

so i made this big huge long post about big bear and my dad and my feelings about him and his bi-polarness.

but i decided not to post it.... because i dont want to sound like a jerk... and also it was a REALLY long post...

so ill just give the rough draft of Big Bear like i did of my party...

wake up earlier than needed, do un-needed things because my dad was having an episode, and then we get in the car to escape and i cry cause of stuff, then we go up, jet ski the 2nd day where there was a really cute worker guy, guitar hero it up every day till my eyes get bloodshot for the rest of the week, next day go and rent a boat thing where the cute guy was there... again :], and fish, i suck at fishing, and then last day go to Alpine Slide, go on the water slide, go on the luging thing, race my sister in law on it, own her in the race, play apples to apples, bond with Breanna (sister in law) and Adam (2month old baby of Breanna's) and get fed up with annoying situations, haha and the cholos honking at me and breanna and then find that they live 3 houses down from where we were staying, then go home, almost die because my dad was driving like a maniac down the mountain (the tires were screeching at the turns), start crying because i was thinking we were going to die, start imagining sending a text to my friends telling them i love them, then getting home...


and my camera came in the mail. yay. (we found it on the doorstep when we got home)

and OGN is 3 days away!!!! :]]]

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