Saturday, June 21, 2008


so tonight i went to my friends house with my 2 other friends and my brother and we were all sitting around a fire-pit and talking, and i dont know how but we got on the subject of like miracles that God has done that we know of happening to people... like mainly ones that have either happend to us or to people we know...

and well, before i was talking about how like my relationship with God is like dwindling and how the song You're Beautiful has brought be back up more, and well tonight, this has too. just hearing like God's miracles and love and how amazing He is and how possible His miracles are and how they happen every day!

I love how much God delivers when i want to be closer to Him!

gahhh i love Him so much! I dont ever want to be this far from God again! Im so excited for OGN! im also kind of scared that it might not be all that im hoping for... i mean each year is different... and i have such high hopes for my 3rd year... i just hope God delivers...

what am i talking about! JUST in the last line i was saying how God delivers!


im crazy!

i love Jesus!
and His miracles!

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