Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hi Julia and/or Kamiah

Just thought i would say hello to the only 2 people who know i have this hah.


your the only 2 i trust with like... the stuff i could possibly put in here...

well... that

and the public...

but really... sometimes i trust the public MORE than some of my friends (kamiah you understand)

but yeah

i love you guys!

to no end!

you are worth every second i give and more!

you guys are like... my on-earth Jesus'

except he's better, and well im sorry but i love him more.

well actually, im not sorry...


i love Him more.

but thats not saying much.

well it kind of is because i guess its hard to do.


i love you guys to death!

but i love Jesus to life!

okay enough comparison.

you understand :]

eeee OGN!

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