Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Moon

Okay so, this is the 2nd night in a row that i have been just shy of seeing a moon-rise (one of my life goals, along with a moon-set) because they are unexpected. you cant just see what time it rose one day and then go back the next day and see it at that time... you never know... and well... the only way to watch a moon-set guaranteed is if you just watch the moon fly over the sky until it hits the horizon.

so well... tonight i was a little dissapointed in not seeing one. BUT, the moon is tremendously beautiful tonight.... you cant actually SEE the clouds in the sky except for right around the moon... just enough to make those lines that the moon is behind... so amazing!

if i had a better camera i would take a piture and put it up here, but unfortunately my 8.1mp camera hasnt come in the mail yet. (which i am waiting anxiously for!) Amazon hasnt even sent the e-mail saying its shipped yet!!!! i ordered this thing on the 4th!!!!! rediculous much?

I have to be honest, im not quite sure why i joined this, but for some reason i feel that the readers will get to know me fairly soon. possibly better than some of my friends!

now i kind of feel like i should have put a different name to make it anonymous.


Ooh, im dying chunks of my hair blue possibly tomorrow afternoon.... that is if my friend is available.

im excited to see how it turns out!!! but also scared.... because i have a sweet 16 party the next day! eep!

i have 1 more day to go until the party day and well... i just sent out invites LAST NIGHT! probably the biggest mistake ever! (i know... i live a sheltered life) im so afraid that no one will come! well i know that 20 are for sure going, now i have 27 more to go... well i guess thats good that half have responded... and are going... im still scared though! all i want is for it to be spectacular (and better than my friends') and for everyone to have a great time and leave thinking it was the best party ever....

I have avoided MTV for the sole reason of not accidentially watching My Super Sweet 16 and then getting depressed that my family is in debt so we cant go all out.

well at least my friends have a band that is playing and ill have food, but im in the moment where so far things are going wrong and the girl is crying because her party is "ruined" because of one slip up...

i cant wait for the part where the party actually happends and everyone loves it and the girl gets a car *hint to the parents*

another reason why i dont watch that show, because I have to pay for my own car by myself...

stupid government.
stupid taxes.
stupid procrastination.
i just lost the game.
stupid seth (jk)
stupid lack of a moon rise.
stupid MTV.
stupid money.
stupid high-hopes.
stupid pessimism.

i better get off this thing before i get SO boring that my COMPUTER falls asleep on me.

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