Sunday, June 22, 2008

oh boy(s)

So... im pretty dang boy crazy and well it gets the best of me sometimes, and well... so far, the people that i like the most are well, single, yet still unavailable for various reasons, one being age. (not like they are like... 30 or anything, i mean they arent really much older than me, its just i know that it may be a problem for THEM) oh and that age deal is like a double wammy, one age difference between me and the boy, and also the fact that i cant date till im 18. (eff!) that has also been getting the best of me...


so basically i like 2 guys... well okay... 2 1/2... the 2 are like... basically the same in the unavailability factor, and then the 1/2 guy is actually my age but i just cant see me going anywhere with him ya know?

okay, im trying not to be boring here, but i just had to rant on about like... life and boys and such because well, they are a big part of my life.

oh and...

lately ive been surrounded by guys with rediculously hot bodies... and its getting a little out of hand here... i mean... why do there have to be SO MANY! gah!

again, i wish i were prettier.

but also,

i know that if i was then that would be my only value to guys... but i have to say, that like... physical attraction could get something started and then deep love with personality could follow ya know?

okay well i should leave now because im probably just making a big waste of a blog

oh and yesterday was my birthday party,

ill explain in a later blog but ill give you the rough draft.

party, frantic getting ready, melting chocolate for fountain with the sun, a lot of water balloons, lack of some people, and then afterwards laser tag, and then TPing. yayuh!

i MAY go into more depth in a later blog...

but i may be too lazy... i apologize, but you probably wouldnt want to read it all....

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