Monday, July 14, 2008


ahhh i miss my brother :[

a few of my friends have been making it better though, we bonded like crazy these past like... 3 days,

first we hung out at grossmont and painted a cup for someone at ciramic cafe, (ciramicafe?) and then hug out at one of their houses, and then the next day was church, so we hung out there, and then after we went swimming (well only one of us went in) and then the next day was a beach day with Encounter (today) so we hung out there... and weve talked like crazy... im really glad that were bonding so much because ive been needing some people in my life... especially right now. and im suprised that they are all girls! like... wow!

but i have a story from one of our adventures that well... ill have to save for later.... because right now its a secret :]

but i miss my brother! still! and im sad Jeff is gone, but happy he is in heaven with Jesus whome he has been serving whole-heartedly. but with the brother thing, my pastor (who my brother is with in africa) has been posting updates on his blog, and seriously it has been a lifesaver! im looking forward to hearing more about it! im so glad that 2 out of 4 flights has turned out perfectly fine... 2 more! and then i can breathe easy!

oh and, i might dye part of my hair blue tomorrow!

im excited!

im scared how it will look with my skin-tone and haircolor though, but either way, if i dont like it, it will fade in like a week... or even after the first shower! if i shampoo it like crazy and use like... laundry detergent n all that good stuff, and then i can either do another color, or do like... 3 colors, or something

but i should go.

im'a print a jamba application :]

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