Sunday, July 13, 2008


okay so, last night i had a dream about my brother and Jeff like... suffering and dying and all that good stuff that you WANT to dream about.

so i woke up at 5:00 in the morning when i was supposed to wake up at 8:00 because of that dream... and like in the dream my brother was like dying and suffering... and jeff was dying and like... satan was doing all this crap in the dream.... like... ive only had one other dream where i was actually rebuking IN the dream... so i woke up, too scared to open my eyes, and usually when that happends i text my brother (in the room next to mine) and have him come i my room and pray with me/hand out with me... and well hes in uganda, and so with him gone, in uganda, not being able to help me with being scared, AND having a dream of him dying and suffering, made me miss him like 10x more..

but the plus is,

well.... let me first say, i like to be involved in my friends lives... i like to know how they are doing... like... honestly.... so i asked one of my friends how they were and forgetting that people usually return the favor... and so well... i asked and they answered and then they asked and i was like... crap.... cause i answer honestly... so i said "not the best question to answer right now..." and well... they were persistant in hearing how i am.... so i told them the jist of it... and so i dont know, their persistance made me feel good and loved... which rarely happends... but yeah... so it was good... and now im at a friend's grandparents house... so i probably should go because i need to like... be social so bye.

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