Monday, September 22, 2008

AHHHH pt. 2

okay so im eating Cocoa Puffs right now (yes at 3:00)

and for those of you who know the joy that is, the cocoa puff, then you know that the puffs soak up the milk if you dont eat them right away.

and well...

i was at the end of my cereal amount, and the last spoonful i pick up happend to have one puff in particular, that had.... a face...

not just any face.

a scared face!

one that was saying "AHHHH!!!" i took a picture of it with my phone haha.

unfortunately im unable to get my pictures from my phone onto the computer, so i apologize.

but if ever you see me in person, you should see the picture of the cute little cocoa puff who knew what was coming to him.

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