Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Air Drumming

Ive realised that Air-drumming is good practice if you dont have your own drumset to play on. Its not just some wierd thing you do when your listening to music you know the beat to. It can actually help.

Ive learned a lot of beats that way. I put them into practice on tables, or an actual drum-set at church.

Air-drumming while i was cleaning my room (i know, weird to do at the same time) but thats how i got a step closer to complete independance. (if you dont know anything about drumming, then you wont understand what that means... but basically its where you can play seperate beats with seperate body parts and it wont screw you up...) right now im having the issue with the bass drum not being on beat with the highaht. the snare i have no problem with.

maybe i should be in the drumline in college...

yeahhhh that would be cool.

scholarship? maybe?

Airdrumming. how you have helped me so.

thank you airdrumming... i will use you later. maybe soon. whatever


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