Wednesday, September 3, 2008


so i love my Sign Language class,
even though i know a grand total of 0 people in the class,
its still really fun and im learning fast!
its really easy and i love my teacher, shes so funny.

i deffffinetly dont notice the silence.

and me and my friend michael (who knows ASL also,) were talking all night tonight at denny's in sign language... like.. full on... meaning we didnt use our voices, not even to order. and on the walk home we realised we laugh like deaf people when were in that Sign Language state.

i really enjoy the humor during sign language.

a lot of it is making fun or showing the person your talking to how you perceived their sign or finger spelling. like michael thought i said 9 - hen when i said when.

and also when you actually do make a mistake.

like michael said party people language in stead of sign language so that was funny. hah.

i just like the humor cause you still have inside jokes, but they are even funnier when they are COMPLETELY inside... and also even funnier when your talking and someone makes a mistake and you bust up laughing and the people your with have no idea whats going on. which makes it even funnier.

its funny to talk about sex in sign language or at least say the word sex in the middle of a sentence because thats like... one of the few signs my friends actually know. so like they are watching me sign to michael and then see me sign "sex" and they like freak out. its funny.

but yeah i love my class, its easy, and i hope that i actually muster up the courage to become friends with some people in the class.

like a certain guy in the class who is particularly good looking.

now now i know i like a guy a lot, but that doesnt mean my eyes are shut off and my judgement is gone. i can tell when someone is good looking.

i wouldnt mind being friends with this guy.

so far we havent interacted with each other once in 3 classes except for like... eye contact and smiles and like... looking at each other from across the room. (which i dont mind ;])


i like my class.

so there.

time to go downstairs and watch Brian Regan and eat some Chewy Sprees :]

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