Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i want a change, i want a new life.

something different.

i know everyone wants change, but its different.

i want to BE different.

i want to live the life i lived when i was in Lake Arrowhead.

swimming everyday, looking stylish at night, going down to the little town down there and hanging out, swing dancing at the weekly festival, going out on the town every night. meeting people everyday. good moods, happy times.

i miss Lake Arrowhead :[

i pretty much want to live a city life. but have adventure too. i want to go on an adventure in the day and be peaceful yet exciting, and then have fun partying at night. but like... innocent fun...

i know this seems like a weird thing to want, but i want to start wearing dresses,

and high heels, and go places where i need to get done up, i want to start looking... fashionable. not just like... good... like... certain colors work together, but like... actually stylish... like... layering perfectly, accessorizing, doing my hair all cool and different,

i dont know...

i just feel like im too.... blah right now. i feel like i need to make a statement.

i need a style that matches the fire inside me that is being hidden.

i know this is a weird and semi-pointless post but whatever. i dont care.

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