Thursday, September 11, 2008


okay so im freeking bummed/pissed.

here's the deal. so i plan on going to this concert (well... cafe-performance) of this guy who is like... amazing... (Matt Embree, Lead singer of Rx Bandits) and like... meet him and talk to him and just like... hang out with him. (oh and by the way, hes not the best looking in photographs, but in person, he is freeeeeeeeking sexy)

and so ive been planning on going to this for like.... ever!!!! like... 2 months! and i forgot whether or not it was the 12th or the 19th... and i was pretty sure it was the 12th... so the 19th didnt even occur in my mind when Jason asked me to sing a song for the main service next weekend. so i say yes

which freeking sucks...

because it IS! the 19th...

and well.. we have a friday night service, and 2 sunday morning services, and well... the friday night service starts at 7:00...

and guess what else starts at 7:00 that same friday!!!!!

THE FREEKING LOVE YOU MOON PERFORMANCE!!! (love you moon is the name of Matt Embree's solo project)

and well... me having a big conscience, and feeling terrrrrrible if i say i cant on friday (after i already said i could)

im stuck.


especially with this!!!! this doesnt happen! it probably WONT happen for a really really long time!!!

i dont think people quite understand my anger and complete suckiness i feel about this right now!!!



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