Monday, September 8, 2008


ive realised that my starting-to-be-selfless movement in myself, has started with my friends.

like... not even trying to, but in the past week, ive taken risks to help my friends and be a good friend. with the risk of making others mad. (not in a way that is like... im being a bad friend to the others to be a good friend to one.)

like.. for example say, gossip. if some friends gossipped about and lied to one friend, then i would i guess "rat out" the other people, not to hurt the other person because i know that theres a certain time when to tell or not tell about gossip. but this one is one where it just needs to be fixed, and confronted otherwhise all hell would break loose and the other person would have no clue why.

so i did something like that.

i "ratted out" friends to fix the situation. with the risk of making all of the other people mad.

not that i didnt care about them being mad at me, but i cared more about the right thing being done and getting fixed than having the most friends possible cause i let everything slide.

but all in all, so far, no one is mad at me, at least not that i can tell. and i think the situation has gotten better, (from what i CAN tell) and so we'll have to see what will happen.

and i think that the people who did it understand their wrong, and so if they do get mad at me then well... thats their fault because they were doing the wrong, i was doing the right so. eventually they will understand that if they do get mad.

i just hope it doesnt effect their trust. because i will keep their issues a secret but when its just something stupid and hurtful like this, then i will do what needs to be done, whether or not i will have the same amount of friends as before.

and also, ive been trying to pour into my friend's lives more. whether they care or not. ive realised that as long as i have God's joy and love, and i know im doing the right thing, my friends dont need to return any love i give them.

but of coarse, it would suck and be lonely if they didnt and be amazing and joyful if they did. but im saying, i dont NEED it to be okay.

i think there will be world peace if people just stopped being so selfish. i mean i know thats like a duh statement but seriously.

stop being selfish. then peace can start.

and love is intertwined with that.

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