Saturday, September 6, 2008


So, its always an interesting experience visiting my grandpa at his care center.

everytime we walk through the door of his "section" (they cant leave) we have to look through the windows of the doors to make sure no one is waiting around the door to sneak out and escape.

so, thats interesting, and then its also interesting when random old ladies start talking to you about stuff you have no idea about, for instance, one lady asked me if i was wearing fishnet stockings, and i said no, and she said that i should. and i was like ummm okay.. thank you for that.. and then slowly walked away.

i guess the good part about it is that the nurses are really nice and fun (ny) and its fun to talk to my grandpa cause he makes no sense sometimes...

oh and, of coarse i cant forget... theres usually at least 1 or 2 cute nurse guys, which the fact that they are there helping makes them even more attractive,

oh and of coarse, the occasional flirt with the cute nurse guys is fun too.

i asked about volunteering sometime and they said to come in on a weekday but they seemed really excited about someone helping out so... hopefully i can do that.

i just hope its not some lame job where i dont even interact with them at all...

but today i saw the cutest nurse so far, so ill have to remember to look good when i visit on saturday afternoons.

even though all the nurses wear scrubs i could tell he had some style, cause he wore one of those like... army style hat things like conductors cap or whatever you call'm and he had small plugs, and they worked for him. so... yeah.

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