Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grizzly Mirrored Beer Sign Rare!! 21" x 16" Like new

hahaha you may be wondering what the title is about,

well i was originally gonna title it as Graduate!

but when i typed G the little like.. pull down bar guessed what i was going to type and put that... so i thought i would keep it.. hah. im probably the only person who thinks its funny, but anyway, back to the original post.

so today, me and my mom figured, if i do a year and a half's worth of math, and if my school lets me count self defense as PE then i can GRADUATE EARLY!!!!!!


this summer early!

meaning June of 2009!!!!

alskdfjsldkflsdjkfl im sooooooo stoked! i dont even have to take a GED or anything!

i can just....


no skipping required things, nothing!

ahhhh im so excited!

and my mom also finally knows that i want to go out of SD for college.

like... up near LA,

David mentioned UC Fullerton, which he says has a good music program, which well... interests me,

but ill have to check it out.

but jee willikers (haha i really wanted to use that)

i may make it! i may graduate early.

ah. man... i need a job!

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