Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hah what you can find on google

wow.. okay so i was looking at some high heels cause well i like heels.

and i found these.

They are convertible heels...

heres the story that goes with the picture...

"Sheila's Wheels, a spinoff division of UK insurance company eSure, has created a pair of convertible stilettos. The company markets insurance to women and found that British women regularly wear inappropriate footwear when driving, so they developed Sheila's Heels, which is a regular stiletto that folds down flat for driving. It even has a grip pattern on the sole for better pedal control. Although I can't imagine a single woman actually buying these."

along with those i found this.

"The Wear Your Seat is basically a semi-rigid padded cushion that you wear on your back so you can sit down comfortably no matter where you are. It actually looks pretty comfortable, but they can't actually expect to sell any of these can they? I mean, look at it. The only people that would actually wear this in public are neon TMNT fans and people who hate themselves."

and also i found this. which i think would be a good thing for me.

"Designers Sofie Collin and Gustav Lanber have developed The Carpet Alarm Clock, which forces you to get up and step on it in order to turn it off. Which sounds pretty good in theory, but you'd just end up walking back to your bed and falling asleep. What they really need to do is develop an alarm clock that just lights you on fire in the morning."

"From the designer's site:

'The number keys are like pieces of pretty quartz crystal (with LED light at the bottom). Once pressed, the key will shine like brilliant jewel. The super large screen, the perfect display of incoming call, and such functions as calendar, phone book and super luxurious speaker phone all add up to the great enjoyment of the home phone luxury.'

I believe it's just a concept, but that's one of the most stunning phones I've ever seen. It looks like it'd break at the touch, but the two hours you get to spend looking at it before it does would be totally worth it."

and finally.

"Designers Mike and Maaike found some low resolution pictures of famous and expensive jewelry using Google Image Search and then stole, doctored, and transferred the images to leather. The result is this pixelated leather jewelry which I guess resembles the real thing from really really far away. "

can you say, cheap?!?

i was amused by this website... i think i may look at it some other day because its really interesting.

but... i also found this crazy tunnel through the house thing, which deserves its own post in itself.

so read the above post and you will see.

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