Thursday, September 18, 2008

hairy men, please keep your shirts on.

so today me and my brother were driving home from G-mont College and this guy was mowing his lawn out front.... now, he had a wall in front of him (his driveway was gated and walled) and so his lower half was behind the wall... and well...

he was shirtless.

now, not in a good way.

he had the biggest pot belly i have ever seen. i thought he was going to pop!

and he was SO HAIRY! i mean, he was like... bare on his back but on his chest he was like a monkey! you could get lost in that forest!

like... imagine Austin Powers, basically like that, but a bit more gorilla-ish.

he was behind the wall... shirtless... i thought he was mowing in the nude, which was a TERRIBLE mental picture. blegh.

so basically, hairy gorilla men, keep your shirts on. if your too hot with a shirt on, maybe you shouldnt have so much extra hair!

hairiness to me, is in no way attractive.

i mean, maybe to some people that are into that kind of stuff, but to me, no thanks.

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brian c. berry said...

can he walk on water and leap tall buildings in a single bound too?