Monday, September 8, 2008

Hardcore Shows

i like hardcore shows.... they are so fun!!!

i like hardcore dancing much more than ghetto dancing.

cause after hardcore dancing i feel alive and refreshed and full of adrenaline.

i mean yes ghetto dancing is fun, but i like the thrill of hardcore dancing better.

i miss them :[ the scene of hardcore shows now is so jacked up. people "owning the pit" and hxe people (hate edge) ruining everything. people causing fights.

just stupid stuff.

before people were in unity at shows, you became friends with who you were standing next to. you went in the pit together. if you hit someone you stop dancing and make sure they are okay. if someone pushes someone then everyone gets on their case and makes sure it doesnt happen again.

but now people are selfish and stupid and just... annoying.

bleh. i miss the windmills,

the 2-step,

the floor punches, the breakdowns, the guitar fingers.

i miss it all :[

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