Friday, September 12, 2008


So today i crashed my old school. but well.. it still is my school but i dont go there.


its complicated.


im homeschooled, but theres a program where you can take classes with other homeschoolers and you go through like... a system... and you can choose whether or not to take those classes, or to be strictly homeschooled...

so growing up i did the classes, but this is my first year where im taking college classes at Grossmont. so i stopped the classes at HCS cause im gonna be a lot busier. but today, after my ASL class me and my brother went to HCS during their lunch and hung out with Noah and Shannon E. and a few others. it was suprising to see how many people started going to Classday 2 from Classday 1 (only HCSers would understand what that means) so i got to see people i hadnt seen in like... ages...

but i could feeeeeel the pissed off stares of all the conservative mothers looking me up and down judging every inch of me because i DARE to dye my hair an unnatural color...

oh no..

call the police!!! im such a rebellious kid!


only THERE can i actually feel like a badass.

everywhere else im a wimp...

ohhhh they should get a load of some of my friends... they would be gasping all over the place! hahahaha

just to get a taste of how rediculous it is, theres a no hugging rule, no dating rule (?!?), back in the day there were no ripped jeans rule, no spikes of any kind on any part of your body including your backpack, just watch... because me and my brother went there they will say, no mohawks, and bleach spots in the mohawk, and no dying of any kind on any hair.

i know theres some conservative schools where you cant hug frontally, you cant dye your hair, but seriously... they start making up rules because of ONE kid! and seriously.

the moms complain SO SO SO MUCH! about other kids... like... one of my friends almost got "expelled" (like thats gonna do anything, what are you gonna do? make them HOMESCHOOLED?!?) because of innapropriate clothing (not even bad... like... when your shirt accidentially goes up like when you bend over, or sit down or something.) or showing bra-straps... its like... oh come on!!!

they almost... ALMOST! had dancing at the formal last year (like swing dancing) but too many parents refused because they wouldnt let their child dance. (this formal is for highschoolers only.) i mean i can understand like grinding n stuff, but swing dancing? ballroom dancing? dancing of ANY KIND?!?! that isnt innapropriate?!? why the heck not?!?!

last year i was going to start a petition to put dancing in the school.

but then... i left... hah

but i still get to go to the formal :]

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