Wednesday, September 24, 2008


the problem with me, is when i have a guitar and im on a stage, im terrible at talking, i hate talking, i hate praying, its just... weird for me.

but when im talking, completely just talking, with a microphone, im good! im comfortable.

and well...

ever since ive been in encounter ive wanted to be on production and like... hosting... but i cant cause im worship leader and stuff like that. and it would end up being like.. the Summer Show. which i dont want.

but really, i like talking! i mean, i even want to be in drama. talking on stage, etc. but its just difficult cause i always make a big deal about not wanting to pray during worship.

maybe if like... david starts leading or something, or maybe in new format, then i can host. but until then, im just the worship leader.

which brings me to another thing and also kind of a segway into my next post.

im the worship leader for my small group (we all have jobs, thats mine)

i didnt pick it, and i mean, i guess its cool that i can? but really, im always the worship leader. like... tuesday group, encounter (obviously), and now small groups.

sometimes i want to show what else i can do. that im not just "summer, the worship leader" i dont want to say anything though because well... i just... dont.

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