Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i apologize

well first off, let me just say, to the few who read my blog, i apologize for the amount of updates you are about to encounter.

i wrote down 8 topics i wanted to blog about but never got around to.

the 8 topics will have their own seperate blog, so ill try and make them short.

but ill start with the first one (in no particular order)


me and my interaction with boys, is getting on my nerves.

I think im over someone and totally fine, and then something happends where everything goes right back to when i liked them in the first place.

its so annoying!

i sware, yesterday i didnt like anyone!

today, different story.

so annoying!

ive been kind of hoping that they like me back, just cause well... that would be nice...

i dont think they even know about my blog, or even read it for that matter, but i wont say who it is just in case.

because well... that would just be awkward on many levels, and really... unneeded. i mean im not aloud to date anyway. so i dont see what it would accomplish. except for well... awkwardness.

so okay.

end of first topic.

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