Thursday, September 18, 2008


So, last week i made a list.

A list of all the character traits and beliefs and things that i want in a guy.

i started out just expecting to make just one page... 2 tops, but it ended up being 3 pages back to back! (6 total)

i never knew how much i wanted! (or at least preferred)

i guess my dad made a list when he was younger and my mom fit it perfectly, even the random optional things. so i have hope.

i also have some do's and dont's in there.

for instance.

he needs to be confident but not concieted (or cocky), humble but not self-cauntious.

he needs to have a good family and backround. no issues that could come back around or influence the future. for instance, if i love his parents, i become more attracted to him. i dont know why, but i do.

he needs to be able to take control when need be, but not be controlling or needing to be in control for things to go "right" or "his way"

he needs to have the same beliefs/morals/ and political views as me.

and even some random things.

he needs to be taller than me WHEN IM IN HEELS! so at LEAST 5'11, taller if possible.

and no mustaches! im sorry but in all my life spencer is the only one that a mustache actually works for.

and also good hair genes. im sorry but, baldness to me is unnattractive.

oh and, he needs to have a VOICE. (preferrably one that makes me melt, and can harmonize)

so yeah, thats just a SMALL SMALL part of the list.

This list is always with me now... its in my "song book" that i keep in my purse (the little owl one) when im having a hard time getting over a guy, i just look at the list and it makes me feel better.


when i was writing it i started to fall for the guy im writing about.

i hope he's out there somewhere.

i KNOW that if i found a guy that matches all those things, i would fall in love instantly.

wouldnt it be so cute if he wrote a list too and i matched them?!?!! that would be so cute!

im really confident im gonna find him. like... more than most things. i have a lot of hope in God.

hah, ever since i wrote it ive looked at random guys differently. like... "is that him?"

i feel like im going to meet him when im around 18 or 19, i dont know why, but i guess ill have a broken heart? and ill have forgotten about the list.

thats just a feeling/thought/fantasy in my head.

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