Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little Squirt Song

hahahahahahahaha. okay so me and michael...


we get random when we're tired.

so tonight were outside around his fire-pit thing and were rippin up paper and putting them on the logs and watching them catch on fire and like crumple up. and well okay...


before they catch on fire, michael makes a little man (like running fingers) and he like "skips" on the paper to the tetris theme song until it catches on fire and then he like "jumps" and goes like "wuaahhhhhh!!!!!"

so we crack up about that everytime he does it,

and then michael makes the paper into like a tube (biiiig tube) so the smoke goes through it and sticks it in the middle of the logs and then takes it out as its on fire and blows the smoke out of it and says in a weird grunty voice "oh man!!!! its like a big doobie!!!!"

so we crack up about that.

then me and michael start rubbing our hands and then putting them over the fire and we would rub them at the same time and like... stopping at the same time (on purpose) and everytime we would stop the fire would pop!!!! it was so exciting! (i squeaked a lot) so we would do it more and it would pop again, and so ive decided when we just do it regular it pops. when we rub slow it hisses, and then we do it really fast it goes "woosh" and the fire gets big for a second. IT WAS SO EXCITING! so everytime it would make a noise me and michael would fall into our chairs and start cracking up. and then do it again and be like "ahhhh we gotta do it!!!!"

and then when that was over, we started grabbing the smoke and like... throwing it over to the clean air (i have no idea why) and then michael started making like a song weird tribe kind of noises but they werent exactly tribal just yet, they were more like just weird grunts... and then i joined in and kind of started making weird ones too and then we both turned it into a beat and like... tribal. and were like... flashing our hands at the fire and like "pushing" the smoke into the fire and like waving our hands in the smoke, as we were making the song... and then once again we crack up and fall into our chairs and i said "that was the Little Squirt Song!" and we both start cracking up again... but more-so.

and also, the entire night i would randomly try to make the fire start up again by making a high-pitched quiet long squeak and like put my hands towards the fire to make it magically start up again. (it wouldnt) so we would crack up about that.

then michael does his "bill burr" face... which really... is indescribable... everytime i see it i crack up like... craaccckkk upppp like... silent-cant-breathe laughter. and he does this voice with it... with like the smacking of the lips in the words... like

"*pta*weyell.... *pta*oym byell berrr........ *pta*uyund oy *pta*wuhs ruhnning *pta*theyes tull boooth. *pta*uyund theyurr wuhs uh fffantummmmmm*pta*ah."

Translation: (*pta* means smacking lips.) well, im bill burr, and i was running this toll booth. and there was a phantom (that was one of the actual things he said)

so i crack up.... a lot... and we talk about how we should make a documentary on bill burr... but then i say we should make one on just us... doing random things when were tired and weird.

haha.... we have such good times. im glad i know him. im glad hes my best friend.

this doesnt need an actual picture, i think your mind's eye is enough. a picture would ruin it and not even do it justice because it was an amazing time. haha.

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