Saturday, September 6, 2008

Musical Theatre

I was talking to my aunt today while i was visiting my grandpa (we were celebrating his birthday)

and we got on the topic of school and i said i was graduating early, and so she asked me about after i graduate, and i said that im gonna do grossmont for a year to get as much general ed done as i can, and then transfer to a 4 year college.

i was saying that im interested in UC Fullerton but that i have to check it out too and that it has a good music program as far as i know, and sheasked if i was into musical theatre at all and well, i kind of had forgotten how much i am interested in it, and so we were talking about that and how she will show me some basic musical theatre dance steps sometime, and that she will help me find an audition piece and all that stuff, (shes in plays and musicals and stuff like that so she knows things) and so thats cool, cause i want to get into acting more, because with acting you can be whoever you need to be, and you can be like... involved in that character and be living in a whole new world for a moment. i dont know i just think thats pretty spectacular.

but yeah, ive figured im gonna major in Music Business because i need to know like the business side of a musical career, and learn about like accounting and copywriting n stuff like that, cause then if im not makin any money or progress in a musical career then i can still have the business side under my belt and work at like a record company or be a producer or something.

but im still pretty dang interested in musical theatre.

so im pretty excited to learn and see how i am with acting.

my only problem is, i dont know if i have a "musical theatre" type of voice... like... those pronouncing things like crazy and like... princessy sounding... i dont know... i guess ic ould try, but that would be my only issue, i would prefer to not change my singing voice. but whatever.

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