Wednesday, September 24, 2008

nice girls

so me and shannon e. were talking about how apparantly nice girls are hard to find these days.

because you cant be a friend to someone (with no other intentions than being a friend) and be a nice person to a guy, without them attaching to you and thinking that you dig them.

because well... im sorry boys.

if a girl is nice to you, or is friends with you, or listens to your issues, that doesnt exactly mean shes into you, i mean it may in some cases, but not all... there is such a thing as just a nice girl. no strings attached.

i cant tell you how many times ive had guys on my tail just because i listened to a problem of theirs.

its as if im the only person that will be nice to them! i know plenty of girls who will listen,

so really... what im sayin with this is, if you ever think i like you because im being nice to you,

dont hint at anything,

dont hint at liking me,

dont pursue me,

i cant date anyway,

and really, you dont want me to have to go to the measures ive gone before to get a guy to stop pestering me about dating them.

it really is painful for me, and i dont like hurting someone's feelings, because sometimes... the only way for me to prove to you that im being a friend, and nothing more, is to be a complete jerk to you.

or ignore you, and im sorry for that because i do want to be friends, but in order for you to think im "not as nice as you thought" i have to be well... not nice.

and trust me, ive tried nicer ways, but it just doesnt work.

this is my way of helping you. im not trying to sound like a jerk and i know im probably sounding like it, but i dont know how else to explain it.

but really. come on now guys.

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