Thursday, September 4, 2008


I wish people would understand how much i care about people,

how much i love people, care about how they feel, care about their character, just.... care... in general.

i mean... i cry for other people's pain.

i empathize so much its rediculous.

i dont want people to know so they can praise me or whatever your mind could do to twist it so that its cause i want attention.


its so that people understand... that they are truly, truly cared for.

its seriously, impossible for me to hate someone.

i cried when i heard that Sadam got the death penalty. because i didnt think he should have died. even though he did TERRIBLE things... still... i know exactly where he went when he died. and that just saddens me so much.

i think everyone deserves to die, so then, no one deserves to die.

i am severrrrrrrrrrrrely against the death penalty.

i saw a guy on the news that was waiting for a jury to say whether or not he should have the death penalty, and well... i couldnt stand seeing his face... i couldnt stand knowing it as a reality that he is going to die, without a second chance. not a second chance as in being released, no no no i dont think they should be released.

someday, i want to visit a high security prison... or visit people who are going to get the death penalty, and just... talk to them. not face to face, but like... face to thick thick glass to face. hah... i just want them to know, that even though the rest of the world hates them, and wants them to die, there is at least one person, who cares.


i care.

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