Monday, September 8, 2008

short girls

Okay so i was listening to Rx Bandits today

and well, i was thinking,

why the heck are there always the most annoying short girls in the world standing RIGHT BEHIND YOU in every good concert?!?!? i mean... come on!

at least when your up in the front.

seriously... like... the MuteMath show, short girls behind us, talkin crap, hitting us with their purses, climbing all over me, squeezing david's butt (haha)... and with the Rx Bandits show, annoying girls behind us, one of the girls shoved herself to the front where we already had no room and she didnt help at all, and she was telling people to smell her armpits... i seriously wanted to punch her in the face. probably the first actual like.. true glare ive ever done.

but yeah... to all you annoying short hispanic girls out there....

STOP STANDING BEHIND ME AT SHOWS! its really annoying.

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