Monday, September 29, 2008

so theres this guy...

he's been the constant focus of my mind for the past 2 days. everytime i see him i go crazy inside. ive been very fond of him for quite some time now, (like... oh say a year?) but its been getting worse as of late (starting this summer), and im about ready to explode!

usually when i like a guy and i dont know if he likes me back, i hurt and thats always on my mind. but this time i just like thinking about him, his personality, our interactions, etc. it makes me happy, and i have no idea why.

i looked through my list and he fits it more than i thought he would! even things i didnt even write down yet!

he even tops the jonas brothers! (if that makes sense) like if he were standing side by side with joe jonas i wouldnt pick joe! and thats saying something!

im going crazy over him!!!! :]

hah michael knows who im talking about.

gahhhh goin crazy!


im excited for the next time i see him!

it would be so cute if we ended up together!

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