Tuesday, September 16, 2008


okay, well, david already posted a blog somewhat like this, but i had the idea as well.

It really bugs me when people get pissed off at you for going too slow when your already over the speed limit! i mean, when people zoom by me i dont think "wow, that guy sure is cool. i mean look at how fast he is!" i just think "that guy's an ass".

like today, i was driving home from del mar to pick up books before my ASL class, (which is in a half hour) and well, in the mornings, or well whenever really, i like to drive in that little blank spot between the jumble of cars. i like to be the one in the front, but going slow, like at a relaxed pace... not like... old person slow, but like... um... maybe the speed limit, perhaps? and i mean if cars wanted to get by me they could, but i love it when they dont. when they go the speed limit with me... i feel like we are in unity, like were all happy and relaxed and driving safe in our own group. like if the freeway suddenly ended and we all had to park we would get out and like give each other high fives and hugs and say "good job guys!"

and like if someone zoomed by i felt like the group was feeling my annoyance with me. and if the road ended then we would all get together and chew out that guy, at the same time, because we are unified.


this is the world i live in sometimes.

it may be a bit naive, but its happy.

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