Tuesday, September 16, 2008

this morning...

so today, as i said in the previous post, i was driving home from Del Mar this morning, and me and my mom were sitting mostly in silence (i mean, we werent talking much except for the occasional "should i get over?") but i asked her to put in my Hillsong United CD, (which has been in my purse for the past... forever)

and so we were listening to that, and well... i can multi-task but this time was different.

i was driving and focusing on the road, but also listening and singing to the songs... and i realised that my physical me was driving and singing and listening, but my soul was also listening and singing. and sometimes while i was driving (nothing would change really,) but i would tap into my soul kind of... and like.. what i was doing and thinking wouldnt change, but somehow i would be living through my soul a bit more than before. and everytime i did that i would kind of get overwhelmed from the music and like... kind of get a jolt in my stomach and get a bit choked up and then i would get out of that and back into driving... but every now and then i would do that and it was so weird but cool!

its so.... different. when you tap into your soul. not just a "okay now im tapping into my soul, what does my soul want to say right now?" like sometimes when im talking to someone or watching (not creepily) someone for a few seconds, i can see their soul beneath everything else. sometimes its sad, sometimes its happy, but all the time its amazing. its like... your peering into an orb inside your body that shows pictures and thoughts and truth.

i think, maybe, your soul cant lie. like... you can, your flesh can, but i dont think your soul lies.... at least not much...

it was really interesting, one day i was with my friend and we were searching each other's souls and we were going to watch a movie and like... the dvd menu thing was on that was showing like... little parts of the movie in a little faded circle on the menu... and we were like... in the zone... and then i looked to the screen and kind of tried to search their souls (its a lot harder when your not looking them right in the eyes and they are actually physically there) but while i was doing that, i could like... see their thoughts kind of, and their acting suddenly became bad. every now and then i would do that while watching a movie or tv show, and the acting would turn bad, it was just weird. like... i didnt purposefully think their acting was bad, but it just... happend. cause i could see who they were a bit. or at least, who they werent.

its very interesting.

my only problem with knowing how to see souls, is that ive started learning how to hide mine better. which kind of scares me more than people seeing it.

but i gotta get to class so bye.

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