Monday, September 22, 2008


Me and my family went up to Del Mar for a vacation (we have a timeshare and this year we traded for a place in del mar to try it out,) and well, it was..... interesting.

i think its probably a mixture of our lives being different this year, and different responsabilities this week, and also the room was nice but... there was nothing to do!!! also it was yuppie-ville to the extreme!

i mean, ive been in Del Mar, i know rich people live there and stuff, but this was crazy! it was like downtown del mar and everyone was wearing really nice clothes and nice shoes, nice everything. i felt out of place. i mean... its RIGHT by the beach. i dont think a suit and tie, and beach front homes, work together. i mean. you should have cut off jean-shorts and a t-shirt and people everywhere walking around with skateboards, guitars, and surfboards. no suits and ties and ladies with dresses and heels and their hair done perfectly. what about dreds and beach frizz?!? it was just weird.

finally on the last day i actually saw someone with a guitar and a t-shirt and shorts. there was like a group of guys. one had a guitar, one had a ukelele, and one had a longboard (skateboard) and then there were two others that were just... there...

me and my mom and my brother walked by and the cutest one out of all of them (i always search for some reason) said "wanna hear a song?" and i just smiled and said "haha no thanks."

but it turns out we were going to starbucks (okay actually it doesnt turn out, more like i asked my mom if we could go to starbucks) and we sat outside, and well, thats right where all the guys were sitting (they were at another building on the steps) and my brother was teasing me a bunch about saying "they were cute werent they? you love them. just go over there and make-out with them already." so that was annoying. but i kept telling my brother that only one of them was cute. (the one with the guitar that asked me if i wanted to hear a song) and well... apparantly del mar is small, or the guys just happend to keep showing up everywhere we were. if i exchanged my mom and brother for 2 friends, (preferably ones that the one i liked wouldnt think were attractive) i totally would have listened to a song and gotten their names and hung out with them for a bit... but my mom was there... ah. all flirting gets shut off when im with her.

but it was nice seeing them everywhere we went because the one guy would look at me and smile as we walked by each other. oh also, while we were at starbucks the guys started playing "im yours" by Jason Mraz on the guitar and ukelele and one of the guys sang it. it was nice. especially cause the guitar guy actually could play.

i wish i got his name! or at least stayed longer to hopefully see him throughout the week. maybe by myself, or with my sister? or with my friend who i wanted to hang out with that week up in del mar.

unfortunately that was the highlight of the vacation part of the week... i mean... there were good things, but i dont know... it was just the best part, seeing the guy. hah. of coarse looking at him, the thought crossed my mind "is that him?"
(from the list, post)

i kind of worried for like... 2 seconds... that i may have missed my chance to meet him. but then i realised. if im supposed to meet him, everything will turn out to where i meet him and get to know him. i dont think i missed him. its just not time yet.

oh also, for some reason, all this week i watched AMAZING movies i had never seen before!!! like... not one wasnt great!


Penelope (probably my new favorite movie or at least favorite chick flick)
Garden State (well i didnt watch that one in del mar, but it was this week)
V for Vendetta
Be Kind Rewind
Drillbit Taylor (wasnt AMAZING but was funny)
I Am Sam
and Stardust.

hopefully we go back to carlsbad next year. my dad liked del mar. but i didnt. i only want to go back to del mar if it means i get to meet the guy. hah.

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