Monday, September 8, 2008


worst one ive seen so far...

it seemed a lot more low budget this time... at least like... the venue...

russell brand was so annoying! like... very... he was insulting a bunch of the guests... he was trying to be funny but it was just annoying. the commercials made him look a lot cooler but... not anymore... he went on like a political rant. it was just badddd.

and then!!! Brittany Spears won 3 freeking awards!!!! beating out Chris Brown and the Jonas Brothers for 2!!!

Chris brown has true talent!

America! what the heck! i mean good for her she recovered but still.....


and Chris Brown didnt even dance!

AND li'l wayne sang like 3 times... i sware... his pants must have been safety pinned because his butt was hangin out the whole time and he was grabbin his junk... is that supposed to be cool? paleeze... ugh... society... get a clue! stuuuuupiddddd

but!!! Jordin Sparks called russell brand on a bit he did about the jonas brother's purity rings and eventually in the show he apologized so that was rad...

OH! and Michael Phelps was on the show :] mmmm so good looking!


OH!!! AND! Shia LeBouf was on there too :] that was good.

and Rihanna did good... but still... last year's was better.

oh and Katy Perry... is lame...

heres a snip-bit from a gossip website

"It's a little bit ungrateful, 'cause they could literally have sex with any woman they want. They're just not going to do it. That is like Superman just deciding not to fly and to go everywhere on a bus."

-- MTV Video Music Awards host Russell Brand, about the Jonas Brothers' chastity vows. (Jordin Sparks later defended the bros, saying "not everybody -- guy or girl -- wants to be a slut.")

oh and... Christina Aguilera lip-synced... it was so annoying.

heres another thing from a website.

-- "Singer Jordin Sparks defended the Jonas Brothers at the MTV Video Music Awards from the event's host who mocked their vow to not have sex until married.

VMA emcee Russell Brand made numerous jokes throughout the show Sunday night about the wildly popular fraternal trio's decision to wear purity rings to remind them of the promise they made to stay virgins until they wed.

Sparks leaped to the teen brothers' defense when she took the stage to present an award.

"I have just one thing to say about promise rings; it's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody -- guy or girl -- wants to be a slut," she said, prompting applause from the audience.

Brand later apologized from the stage as the Jonas Brothers, seated in the audience, looked on, not smiling.

"I've gotta say sorry because I said them things about promise rings; that was bad of me. I didn't mean to take it lightly, whatever. I love the Jonas Brothers and I think it's really good. I don't want to (tick) off teenage fans," Brand said. "Promise rings, I'm well up for it. Well done, everyone. It's just, you know, a bit of sex once in a while never hurt anybody." and both reported that Sparks also wears a purity or promise ring. "--

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