Tuesday, September 23, 2008


okay, so just now i was listening to music and well, sometimes i dont realize the "expression" my hands are in...

like for instance, sometimes when im finger-spelling i lift my left lower arm up a bit and let my hand go limp cause im focusing on the other one.

sometimes i point haha

well, anyway, this time i was listening to music (as i said) and i was clenching my fist... but like... loosely, cause i wasnt paying enough attention to strain the muscles.

so all in all, my hand was gettin a bit hot. so i opened my hand and looked at it and like... looked at the tips of my fingers, and like... they were kind of sparkly (i dont know why)

random note: for some reason i find random bursts of sparkles on me and i have NO IDEA how they got there... i like it, but still... its just weird.


i was looking closely at my hand and i saw little pores in my hand.

and for some reason it was like.... beautiful.

because they were inside the prints...

and then i started like... being mesmorized and amazed at my hand print... and like...

i dont know

its just crazy.

just thought i would share it.

and... that i probably look/ed really stupid (in the middle of typing this ive looked at my hand up close several times) in the process.

but still

its cool



oh yeah, i dont feel like posting a picture.

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