Monday, September 8, 2008

Where The Love Lasts Forever

That song, my gosh!

yesterday was church and well, i introduced that song to basically all of encounter. the band didnt even know it. i was suprised because its such a great song! so this week's message was about God's heart for all people. and that song just... wow...

in the practice it wasnt too great, i was really worried that we werent going to stand up to how well hillsong plays it. but then we were playing it in the sound check and it was getting better and better and better,

and then came the actual service. and we played it, and i couldnt stop smiling. usually i look pretty serious when i sing unless something went wrong and i start smiling out of nervousness, or if i look at julia so she will MAKE me smile because i know that she likes it when i smile during worship.

but this time, i didnt even look at her until i was truly smiling, like really smiling. and it was because the song was so good and it was just like... striking so much emotion in me. it was making my entire being happy. it was like... soul-joy. i loved it. i love being in-touch with my soul. its like.. me... but like... outside/inside of me.

its weird.

but so by the end of the song i had to hold back from crying from Jesus. so Brian (the pastor) came up at the end of the song and prayed and i came off the stage thinking okay wow great song, and tried to push back the tears even farther, but then i saw 2 of my friends crying and that just brought them right back up. so i just sat down, listening somewhat to the prayer and just crying, and smiling, but also feeling broken at the same time, the only joy you can get from God. true joy.

so then the service ended (right after the prayer) and i tried to pull myself back together and then i see ANOTHER friend crying and we walk over to each other and she just said "that song...." and we both started crying and it was just.... really really good. we were ranting about it for like... a while...

Shea is my official crying buddy. haha... we cried together (a lot) at OGN, we cried yesterday together, it was just... wow.

so good.

im kind of afraid to play it again, even though people have been saying to, just cause i dont know if it will strike emotion in them again, but i guess thats where God comes in of coarse.

im so blessed to be the worship leader. that i get to experience that and see the emotion and love for God that me and the band get to be used for. i just love it.

i need to thank Bryce for asking me to be the worship leader.

it has blessed me more than i could even imagine.


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