Thursday, October 2, 2008

ASL has changed me.

ive started thinking in sign language,

i dont notice noises much anymore (sounds and silences) when im talking in sign language... like i guess some girl screamed HELP ME at starbucks last night and i didnt hear it cause i was talking to someone.

but also... most of all, from my class it has given me so much more compassion for deaf people!!!

now i say compassion, not pity...

they hate pity!

but... i have a Deaf Culture book for homework, and reading it its so interesting! its really boring, but interesting at the same time hah.

but im learning a ton! and now im interested anytime someone mentions sign language or deaf people or anything of the sort.

and my heart for them keeps getting bigger and bigger!

like today, my teacher said something that was kind of a smack in the face for all of us... well so she had a headache... so she didnt want to put up with much, but also we the students were just being terrible today! and by terrible i mean talking (theres no voices aloud in the class... your supposed to sign everything... no talking) and people were saying things the whole time!!!

i felt so bad because my teacher is deaf, and she doesnt talk.

so we were about ready to play a game and she sat on the table with a hurt/concerned look and said "you guys are terrible today! do you want to play the game or not?!?"

so that was already attention grabbing because shes usually so happy and laughy and lets everything slide and like... calls you out but kind of like... laughs and makes fun (in a nice way). but then she said something that just punched me in the face...

"i want to laugh with you, but i cant when you talk, because i dont understand"

so that just like... rushed in a ton of things... kind of like... her childhood and growing up and basically her whole life of wanting to laugh with people and not understanding because they are hearing and she is deaf... i mean of coarse she can laugh with us and can laugh with other deaf people and even hearing people... but i just was thinking of like... the struggles shes had to go through of not understanding what people are speaking...

not to say she isnt happy and good now, i just kind of got a better understanding of what deaf people go through.

trying not to pity...

but still...

im excited for Deaf Awareness Day! (theres gonna be a big event where tons of people come, deaf, hearing, ASL students, ASL teachers,) i hope i can go!

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