Thursday, October 23, 2008


just an update,

tonight we went to frozen yogurt and talked...

and well,

let me just tell you,

definetly not how i expected it to be.

and not in a good way.

things still suck, things didnt really change,

i told him that i miss him and we never hang out and his reply was "when did we hang out?"

so basically disregarding the fact that im hurt,

so i finally said "ive been mad and sad towards you this past week, and purposefully difficult and argumentive"

and well... he didnt really respond...


im bummed...

and then we talked about the typical issue,

and then said some things that really concerned me and so i started crying in the car...

and well

the talk pretty much bombed, but i do feel relieved that its out there, it just didnt go as planned at all.

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