Monday, October 20, 2008


I've noticed that ive been needing more direction from God lately.

and its been more difficult for me to make decisions, and actually move forward with my life.

i mean, life goes on without my decisions, but i feel as though im not doing anything with my life, not being productive, not moving forward. just kind of... still... like with God im moving forward slowly, but now the rest of my life needs to start moving.

i feel like God has been wanting me to paint more lately... i dont know why, but he does. and just kind of like... exercise my artistic abilities. like photography too. but right now more with the painting...

i feel like i should move forward with my future though, working on where i want to be when im older, like career, location, education, all that stuff.

i still feel as though my time in San Diego is coming to a close, but that might be wishful thinking. i feel like if i leave san diego that i will NEED to move forward to survive, and i will meet people that i need to meet in order to have the career that i want.

also im kind of iffy on the whole C28 thing, because... well.. i dont really know why actually... but i just am. but then again, thats kind of coming with the not being able to decide anything... thing.

i just need some clarity... for sure.

i think thats my biggest prayer right now... clarity and direction. but most of all clarity. because my mind is just... weird right now.

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