Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the flu

definetly sucks!!

im all sniffly and stuffy at the same time (which i hate!) my whole right side just randomly wants to ache all at the same time. which doesnt help anything since my right shoulder and right rib(?) hurt (like i got hit by a bus) before i got sick. and massssiiiive headaches, and weird random jaw-aches. and im all weak and shaky and sneezy and my eyes are all watery, i have no apetite, and suprisingly i DONT have a fever?!?


ive been acting like im dying on the couch for the past 3 days, which is just pathetic (even though just before getting sick i read some statistic about how many people in america die from the flu each year... which scared me)

but whats really weird is i lost 7 pounds in 3 days!!! which well, is scary, and suprising...

because i havent gained or lost pounds in a whiiiile. so like.. that made me feel like i was dying even more!

oh and, picture day is tomorrow, i have to take it for my school ID and well... i really dont feel like getting done up... or at least... anti done down. (right now im like... lower than my average day... my hair terrible, pale skin + red nose, and pjs, and walking around the house with a kleenex box and my cell phone, really not a pretty picture) usually on an average day of not going out of the house im wearing actual clothes, my hair usually is decent, and just no make-up on.

also, i missed my ASL class which is a BIG DEAL because i can only miss i think 3 days and if im late 3 times that equals 1 absence. today we were supposed to see our grade-point and where were exelling and where we're not.

and i missed THAT! so thats weird.

i dont know if im going to small groups tomorrow, but i guess it depends on how im feeling.


yesterday was a good day to be sick though, (for me) because i never have anything on mondays, and also i have 3 shows on in a row that i like. :] so i can just veg on the couch and watch tv, being pitiful and sniffly and wrapped up in a warm blanket whining about being achy.

oh but my mom's Avon and Mark. stuff came in today so i have new make-up :] yay

but yeah.

the flu sucks.

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