Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So, im excited for getting a haircut... i kind of am scared, but more excited than scared.

cause i kind of told the girl to do what she wants, as long as it works.

so hopefully its like better than i could have thought of...

and hopefully she can help me with my stupid-hair issue... so i can actually style my hair myself and still be unique (other than color in the hair.)

which reminds me, i need to dye it again. the roots are showing like MAJOR!

but now on to Avon

so my mom is like a representative of Avon now, and im pretty much a representative for Mark. products.

so that means, i can get mark products with a discount!!!


that means,

i have all these products at my fingertips. im getting this purfume which is mmmm delicious.

and this make-up which will be amazing

and maybe even a few clothing items. like jewelry, purses, dresses, maybe even SHOES!

ahhh when it comes to these things im a TOTAL girly girl.

i mean... i gues i dont CARE as much, and can live without, but that doesnt mean i dont want them.

and also i hate trying things on.... ugh... hate it!

if i could i would just *poof* have everything work and fit. i dont ever go "shopping" like... looking around and just trying things on.

i go BUYING. i find what i want, hold it up to myself, and if it looks good enough i will try it on. and then if it fits then ill get it... if not... then well... suck! cause ill have to get a different size.

some people actually LIKE trying things on.


hate it!!!

but anyway, i feel like things are going to be getting better. as far as appearance. (which i have been having issues with lately)

im gonna start working out with my momma, and have these perfect items, i know that image isnt that big of a deal, but really...

it just makes me feel better, im more confident, and not feeling like i have to apologize for people having to look at me.

like... honestly...


who knew this blog post would become a one sentance confession time.


im excited.

and might even make some MONEY!!!

i mean yayuh!!!

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