Friday, October 31, 2008


i'm weird, i go on these random looonnng 3-times-a-day blogging sprees and then dont blog for like.. 2 weeks...

its weird...

but, here is a blog.... im sure there will be more to come, and then stop, and then start again.



today is holloween.

yay :]

i didnt know what i was going to be until yesterday hah.

so im a lion today :]

i thought it fitted because my friends say i look like, or am, a lion. so well.. hey, why not actually be one.

im not doing the whole suit shabang.

just like... crazy hair, tan clothes, cat ears, and cat make-up.

pretty simple, and it gets the job done.

usually i would go all out, but this year i didnt have the time or the money,

if i get a job, then possibly a SUPER RAD costume next year.

maybe i can do the harley quinn idea i wanted to do this year? (super villian, Joker's assistant)

but anyway,

tonight, im chillin with a few people, and well... im a little nervous because in that group of few people, are a few people who dont get along with each other, dont like each other, they just arent a good match together, and well... i, and they, want tonight to be happy and fun... but until they just suck it up and be nice and respectful, thats not gonna happen. and i know that im gonna put it on myself the responsability of making it fun, and making them get along and not offend each other.

oh joy.

i dont like it when people dont like each other. it makes me sad and angry and blah.

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