Monday, October 6, 2008


yay!!! im so happy!

seriously... like.. waiting is worth it because it feels so good! i mean i was thinking "hurry up already!" but now im good!

its worth the wait! i would be SO CRUSHED if i failed!

but i only got 3 wrong!


and they were little things too!

oh and, i parked by myself without like my mom standing outside the car telling me to keep going, and i did the BEST PARKING JOB IVE EVER DONE!

it was prime! seriously!


im really happy!

and then later on today i get to drive myself to the grocery store and buy things, and then drive to parkway mall to apply for a job! :]

im exciiiittedddd! i like driving by myself :]

i thought it would feel empty, but it feels so free and full!

(sorry seth, but really waiting makes actually having it feel even better!)

now i can listen to all the ghetto music that i want and my mom wont tell me to turn that gangster music off hehe :]

AND! no more talk radio!!!!! :] well except when i want it, but not without my consent! yayyy

1 comment:

Seth said...

I'm sure waiting makes it even more better.
But I want it now.
Like when I get home from school now.

But I'm really happy for you!
I prayed earlier this morning.
So it looks like God heard that.