Friday, October 3, 2008

post-haircut post.

ummm well i love it?!? i found out like five minutes ago that if my bangs were just a teensy bit shorter i could make them be straight across (and apparantly i can work straight bangs?) but anyway

i like it a lot!

i have NO idea how it will be when its curly, probably insanely big, and if it is then well

at least i LOVE it straightened haha.

but yeah today i was playing with my bangs and like put them over to their proper side, and then put them in the middle (kind of a bit in my eyes but like... in a way that ive seen in like chic magazines) and then putting them to the opposite side,

it was fun hah

and i finally have LAYERS again!

before they were all grown out and blegh

but now they are up there! :]


i do kind of wish now that ive put the bangs in the middle, that i got them cut that way,

but whatever

at least i know what to do next time i get my hair cut.

but seriously.

i have SO MUCH HAIR! like

a lot

like when Amelia was cutting it off if i looked at the ground i would have thought she cut it to like... my ears!

but its still pretty dang long!

and when we were sweeping the floors it took about 2 1/2 dust-pan's worth!!!! maybe even 3!

thats a lot!

haha i just realised this haircut makes me feel more girly...

i feel like i wanna put a daisy in my hair hah.

yay for haircuts!

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