Monday, October 20, 2008


The service was really good!!! i mean REALLY good... it got me pumped! the worship was awesome! my being sick didnt effect me like it did on thursday (ugh my voice was terrible on thursday! all sick sounding hah) but i really got into it and it was the kind of vacation from singing that i like...

i hate not playing on sundays... so this sunday was kind of like... a break.. but not... the kind that im happy with... usually when i get a "break" its where i dont play at all, but that just makes me sad, and makes me want to play again... so this time, not singing, not leading fully, was nice... cause i still got to play, still got to experience it on stage (its different than in the crowd), and it was just really good...

i got the chance to look around the stage kind of while i was playing and i was really happy to see some other band members worshiping as well, it totally got me more into it,

but also the message was sooooo good!!! i had high expectations for the morning and this whole series, and i really was not let down at all!

i was suprised at how much it got to me, it was about how "you're invited" and well, i guess im suprised because ive already been invited, ya know... but for some reason it was still great... to me it seems like that type of a message would only get to people who havent been invited yet, but i was completely wrong.

it got me fired up for God, and made me want to invite more people, and the points were really good, it was just an all-around good service, good message, just... really good.


and i also like the new service, it definetly is a different feel. its less people, but not like... dead like how it could have been, it was kind of more.... intimate. i feel like everyone in 1st service was a lot more focused and committed.

it was nice.

i feel like the 1st service is going to fill up with a similar type of people... i cant explain what type of person, but i feel that the 1st service has a lot of potential to be REALLY good, really spiritual, really just like... soaked up by the students. and i think that people are going to naturally try to get a lot out of that service.

im excited to see where it goes.

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brian c. berry said...

yahoo for you! You rock. You inspire and encourage me. I'm so blessed to have you a part of this ministry.

keep on chasing after Jesus. I'm right behind you. (you're too fast and I'm too old, but trust me... I'm closing in fast :)