Friday, November 28, 2008


Sometimes i forget about how great of a sister i have. Not because most of the time she's terrible and i forget because of that, but because she is out of the house and i dont see her much anymore. She's loving, caring, motherly, and has a servants heart.

which brings me to this.

I have my liscence, as you probably know, and my sister heard about how i cant drive the cadillac alone because its the car we're relying on, and if i got in an accident (me being the most inexperienced driver) then there goes that car. Well when she heard about that she felt bad for me so she arranged for me to drive her husband's 2007 Dodge Charger around for a day!

it's black like that too. (yeah, thats what happends when you work in the Border Patrol)

AND she lent me HER car one day when she was out with my mom for a night and didnt need it. and i got to drive that by myself :]

not as flashy, but still. (Nissan Maxima... like 1987 or something)

AND THEN! last night i was just half-joking around saying "anytime you dont need your car, call me up" and so she went over to her husband asking if he was going to work "tomorrow" (today) and he said that he was just going to make a jump for his quad. and so all in all, she let me have her car, all of last night, and over night, and it's still at my house, ready for use.

she get's her car back, when I PICK HER UP in Jamul! and drive her over, for both of us to go shopping! (the way that i got her car, and she was able to get home, was she came over for thanksgiving early, and then her husband came later with his charger, so they had 2 cars at the house.)

my sister is so nice! sometimes i cant stand it (seriously) but other times i cant believe it!

even though my sister doesnt read my blog,

Thank you April!!! so much!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yesterday=no life

So, late monday night my brother comes home with the book Twilight, and well we both have been wanting to read it, so i thought "hey, i have to stay later at school tomorrow and i will have nothing to do or read" so i asked him if i could borrow it at school...

little did i know that once i started reading it monday night, that i wouldnt go to bed until 3:00, and also start reading it again before i got out of bed, AND on my way to school, AND in class (during break and before class), and of coarse when i wanted it, while i was waiting at school for an extra half hour. and then i read it in the car on the way to a friends house to drop of some papers and then in the car on the way back, and then once i got home i instantly went on the couch to read, and i read no joke for 5 hours straight!!!! and then tuesday group started happening, and then after tuesday group was over (and a little during because we had a small group and all we did was chill this week) i started reading again (around 9ish) until 2:00!!!!


i finished the book! so now i know, in order to finish about a 530 page book, i need about 12 hours.


i wasnt reading all day because i was obsessed (even though the book was SO GOOD) but because my brother was the one that originally had the book and he wanted to read it so i didnt want to steal it from him and have him wait a week for me to take my time, and also i was afraid that if he got it back while i was in the middle of the book that i wouldnt get it back until he finished it... and he even said "once i get it back, your probably not going to get it back for a while" so that scared me into trying to finish it before i had to give it back. so yeah.


but now (if i go to production meeting, that is, if there IS a meeting) i can get New Moon from Shea today and start on that, at a more leisurly pace. (New Moon is the next book after Twilight, if you didnt already know)


i dont like the acoustics in my house, because well, anywhere in the house, you can hear anyone in the house.

AND my family is bad a whispering. i dont think my family has quite realised this, that i can hear every and any word they say no matter how quiet they are trying to be, or anywhere in the house...

and i dont think they quite understand how i'm aware of my surroundings, so i dont have to eavesdrop to hear what they are saying,

so yeah, sometimes the acoustics in my house really bug me.


i want to be in LA sooooo bad!!!


SO bad!

i really hope i somehow get there.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dark Lay Still, lays still no more!

So, my brother had this band a few years ago called Dark Lay Still, and well they got pretty popular or at least pretty dang loved by a large amount of people. they got on the radio (105.7) and made a demo CD and such, and well eventually the band broke up, but made another band X-ray of a Graveyard, then ended that, then made another band called Shyanne, then ended that, then made another band called The Miracle Of... and then ended that...

and now

a record guy i guess myspaced Dark Lay Still, and wants to sign them legitimately! so thats pretty awesome!

yay for Jackie!

and yay for some of my friends who like.... worship Dark Lay Still!

im really excited for my brother! but kind of worried just because he will end up going on tour, which means leaving me, which means suckiness.

so yeah... but who knows?!? maybe if Jackie gets signed, then he can get in the mix of the record label business and maybe somehow help me along and put in a good word to some record label friends who i hope he makes...

i mean, i asked God what he wants me to do, and he told me to just keep going with what im doing and the necessities for right now, and leave the future up to him for now, so who knows?

yay Dark Lay Still!

oh and! that means my brother will be playing shows, which means some in SD meaning i could go see them, meaning i could go to another hardcore show, meaning i could bring my friends and go in the pit and such! yay!

i wanted this to be posted at 1:00

but i would have to type REALLY FAST.

because its 1:00am right now...


unless i ended the post right NOW!

but no.

i didnt


i wrote a deaf event paper for my ASL class, and well im kind of proud of it... and hope i get a FREEKIN good grade on it... because well... the last time i saw my grade it was a C.

i know what your thinking... a C?!? but you're SOOOOOO amazing at sign language! how could you ever get a C oh wonderful summer!?! well, here's how...

if you read my blog before, you would know that i was sick... 2 times before now... and that i thought i was dying, lost weight, etc. well... on a day where i was especially dying, i couldnt make it to class... so i missed 1 test.... which, effected my grade greatly. because your grade goes down with any absences... not to mention the few wrong answers on the previous tests i had taken.... i got a B on an essay test so that wasnt too bad, but ever since i saw that i had like a C (ish) i HAD to pick up the pace... so i studied, made sure to do good on tests, pay attention, etc. so this paper could possibly give me an A! along with the second essay test i took (which i think im getting the grade back for tomorrow) so yeah.

but also,

today i took an assessment test for English next semester, and well... i got there at 3:00 and didnt leave until about 6:00! and in ALL of that, we only had ONE 5 minute break. where i didnt even go outside! i wish i did though because when people were walking outside i looked out the door (at the end of the 5 minutes) and saw that the sky was SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! and i got really sad because i was stuck in a classroom, one that i already was in for about 2 hours, and i was away from that amazing sunset that i only got to experience a glimpse of... i cant even imagine how AMAZING the whole sky would have been!!!

i hope the weather is exactly the same tomorrow as it was today, so that i can see it tomorrow night :]

but i doubt it...

i dont really have anything else to write but i want to post this at 1:11am since i couldnt post it at 1:00 but its 1:07 right now (im going to tell you the time from now on)

but i guess i could say, that the Jonas Brothers (its 1:08) were on Jay Leno tonight, and i almost missed it completely! i was watching disney channel, and then i started channel surfing (its 1:09) and i saw those 3 beautiful faces sitting on Jays now beautiful couch. and i freaked! i was thinking "how did i not get an e-mail about this?" because well... i get e-mail updates, and myspace blog updates, and such (its 1:10) for when they will be on TV... and i didnt see this! so i was bummed, because when i found them on TV Joe (my love) was doing stand up comedy (he was standing up hah) and he had said his last joke! i was so sad! so ill have to look it up (1:11)

and also end this post before its 1:12 and then well... im definetly not staying online until its 11:11 because that would be past when i have to go to school

so bye.

Monday, November 24, 2008


so im trying it,

i dont quite know what all the fuss is about with twitter, but i have one, and so we'll see.

oh and

i got to drive my sister's car because well, i have the BEST SISTER EVER. so i got to go and hang out with my friends for a little bit, with the freedom of driving her car around so that was nice...

so i returned the favor with not driving the car home on an empty tank (with the help of Derek) im SO SO SO glad that the gas prices have gone down because before 4 bucks would be rediculous... who buys 1 gallon?

but instead i was able to buy 2!

haha. so instead of the little arrow thingy being next to the E, it was a line ABOVE it :]


so yeah... i love my sister, and im glad she trusts me with her car :]

Friday, November 21, 2008

are you serious?

im sick....


are you serious!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

i have a sore throat (my LEAST FAVORITE SICK SYMPTOM!! well except for throwing up)


if it effects my singing on sunday i will be very angry.


Okay, so last night i saw the premier for it... and well

it was AMAZING!

Edward Cullen has stolen my heart!

For MuteMath fans, if you've seen how Paul Meany is, just imagine him while your seeing Edward and you will see the similarities.

but seriously... like... Robert Pattinson (the actor that played Edward) did such a good job!!! especially like... portraying like... love and restraint at the same time.

it was so good!

i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to read the books now.

like... REALLY bad!

oh and

SHARKBOY! i freaked out, i told david, he didnt believe me at first, but it is him! (the indian guy)


dont worry im not saying anything that spoils the movie. trust me.

but it definetly did not feel like 2 hours!

ahhh but it was so good!

the only thing is, i left the theatre kind of lonely, like i do after watching a chick flick, because like... i want that kind of love, that kind of guy, and it just doesnt work like that... but i wish it would... so then i get all depressed and in a downward spiral of thinking im gonna have to settle, and that love isnt going to be all that great. blah. but i guess if i got right down to the very core of everything,

all i want, is to have the guy be as in love with me, if not more, than i am with him.

and then all the other things come after, like being a good dad, being a musician, being taller than me, etc. (those werent like... the biggest things, just examples)

and gosh darn it!!!! if i dont get it, me and God will have some maaaaajor talking to do.

hah i think its funny that this post that once was twilight, turned into boy things.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I wrote a song

and i like it :]

and its completed too!

now i just need to like... record it n stuff. too bad i dont have any way to record it...


Monday, November 17, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

I went on a scavenger hunt with my brother saturday night, because we were bummed about not winning the last 2 front row tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert that night, so my brother invited me to come with him and hang with his friends because he was bummed we couldnt hang out just us. (long sentence!)

and it was fun!

we didnt win, but it was still pretty dang fun.

i've decided im going to steal the idea sometime when me and my friends are bored out of our minds, and do that. (where you have a list of things you have to find, and then take a picture with everyone in it, and then all meet back by a certain time and have the pictures for proof)

so i have pictures :]

it was fun :]


okay, so i'm finally beginning to get into the swing of things, im getting my stuff together, and straightening up,

im actually doing my school work!

and thats pretty dang important if i want to graduate early.
Which im planning on doing, i already sent in a senior picture, i asked for a senior packet, and hopefully if im lucky, i can go to grad night (which i REDICULOUSLY hope is at disneyland again this year!!!!)

but speaking of Senior Picture,

i thought to myself "hey summer, why dont you post it, so that only your blog readers see it, and all the other people who DONT read your blog, are missing out on this priveledge (just so you know, i re-typed priveledge about 10 times trying to spell it differently so i just stuck with this one, i dont even think it's right)

so here ya go.

to be honest, its a lot more cheesy than i wanted it to be... if i could have it be any way i want, no questions asked, i would have it be more zoomed out, and me in front of some really artsy looking wall with like... some modern sqiggly art behind me, and in color, not like vibrant color, but kind of like... faded bluish colors, and me off to the right side looking to my right (towards the empty space in the picture where the wall is) like this (excuse the empty blue below it, that just randomly went in there.

but, im stuck with the typical smiley, hand-in-picture, picture.

but whatever.


I want to see it.

i want to read it.

i like vampires, so i mean... why not?!?

im going to.

(im scared of seeing the movie though, but i will)


okay, so i went.

and it was AMAZING!

i thought i missed hardcore shows before?!?! man!!!

it was sooo much fun!!!

i went with a few friends and a few of my friend's co-workers.

it was so fun! i went in the pit a few times, it was difficult to first, find one, and second, actually get to one. so i only got the chance to go in a few times, but it was really fun!

the first time i went in my friend and his co-worker were guarding me hah so that i didnt get like punched in the face by someone windmilling crazily.

but it was really fun!

one of my friend's co-workers got hit in the face in the pit (on accident) and broke his nose!!! ai! thats what i was afraid of happening to me! so i feel really bad for him!

and i got punched, and elbowed in the stomach a ton, especially when i went in the pit another time, this guy just came up and started dancing like right next to me and was swinging like... at me so he hit me a bunch, then my friend pulled me out of the pit and then everyone started going crazy so we started making our way away from the pit, and everyone was pushing and falling and elbowing, it got crazy,

but i guess punches in the stomach are better than in the face, but by the end of it all, i had the craziest stomach ache ever... like... spotty because of like bruising and stuff... and my arms are a bit bruised and my shoulder is sore because i think i might have swung too hard in the pit.

but all in all... it was AMAZING!

me and my friend decided we want to go to a hardcore show at least every 5 months (if his co-workers go)

maybe i can start working on a suit of armor and then just start going crazy in the pit.

and i need to get better at the windmill because during breakdowns i just do like floor punches, or swing my arms back, but not like the fluid windmill... im more old-school (hence floor-punches)

oh but also, i saw 9 PEOPLE I KNEW there!!! (i counted) 2 of which i see on a regular basis, and the rest i havent seen in like... aaaaagggeessss

2 from my school, (one i havent seen in like 2 years, one i havent seen in like 4)
1 from hfth, (havent seen for like 2 years)
1 from encounter, (like almost a year)
3 from journey, (2 of which i see every week)
and 2 from OGN!!!! (from pathways)

it was crazy! also because most of them i wouldnt expect to be at a hardcore show ever!

it was so fun! and sweaty, but fun! oh and, every now and then i had to look up at the ceiling to breathe because i was like... breathing in heat and stuffy body-air, and i was thirsty the whole time, but yeah. fun.

i want to go back!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


okay so, tonight is an Underoath, Saosin, Devil Wears Prada, and The Famine concert, and well... okay, i dont like any of those bands, but supposedly a majority of my friends are going to it,

and also its kind of a given for there to be a pit, and well... i dont want to pay to go, but i might be able to go if a friend of mine's uncle (who works at the venue) lets me in for free... because well, ive said this before, but i miss hardcore dancing like.... in a pit.... because i mean, i used to go to shows every weekend in middle school and go in the pit and stuff like that, but now i dont anymore and i miss it.

oh and

me and my friend might go in the pit and start crumping (the hardcore dance of hip hop) and no, that is not freaking or booty shaking, its like... you channel your anger into the rest of your body and kind of like... pop and do like arm stuff and either you look really stupid, or really rad... so i dont really know how i feel about going tonight.

because i miss hardcore dancing, but i dont like the bands.... but then again, for hardcore shows you dont really go for the bands much anymore... its all become the same...

but for bands like Rx Bandits and MuteMath THOSE bands are AMAZING live! but then again, they arent hardcore...

so yeah... i might go tonight....

pray i dont get punched in the face by someone windmilling or something.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay, time to talk about the mexico trip...

first of all, thank you Brian very much for calling and figuring a way to help me go! :]

Alright, so after this trip i learned a lot.

i realised i need to learn spanish. though

i know key phrases, like "do you speak english?", "i dont understand, i speak english", "whats your name", and "how old are you?" and i learned (after asking Malia like 10 times cause i kept forgetting) "do you want to play soccer?" and "do you think he/she is attractive?"

that last phrase i learned because these 4 boys were teasing david and mark about their muscles (after arm-wrestling them) and asked me and malia if they were our boyfriends, and if we think they are cute.

oh, i also learned that i need to have more endurance... we played sharks and minnows/freeze tag with some of the kids and those kids can RUN! and for a long time too! but that just made winning all the better.... except we didnt know how to say "cheater" in spanish so we couldnt call them out if they ran to their friends to get un-frozen, we could only say "no no no no no!" and they would say "si si si si si!!! and laugh and run away"

i also learned that the girls really enjoy it when you pick them up so they can hang on the monkey bars until they drop, and then ask you to do it again.

and, i learned, do NOT brush your teeth over the toilet with your sunglasses on your head.... they WILL slip off, and you WILL have to retrieve them.
now, just for clarification, there was nothing IN the toilet, and i wasnt in the outhouses, our room had a bathroom (thank God!) but no sink. and anti-bacterial wipes come in handy after a situation like that.

i also learned that having techno music on in a car full of guys who like to pelvic thrust, is DEFINETLY an interesting experience... and not one i would like to repeat in the future.

and, XM radio is AMAZING when driving to and from mexico.... and that shane probably deserved a hug for us yelling at him to change, or not change, the channel so many times.

and, last but not least, me and shea realised that we love/d hanging out with those kids, and definetly will go back to mexico if we do it again, and we wished that we could have stayed there all week :[ but that just wouldnt have worked out and would have costed a lot more.

so all in all, mexico was amazing :] and i loved it a lot!

Post Secret

Okay, so every week i go on to see the recent posts,

well today (like... just now) i went on post secret and there was a e-mail secret thing of a person saying they saw a secret saying "we accept the love we think we deserve" and how they got a tattoo of it to remind them, and well sometimes the secrets hit me hard, sometimes i discover some of my own secrets by reading others, sometimes they are just gross and dont effect me, but this one definetly did.

i said sometimes i discover some of my own secrets by reading others, well thats sort of what happend.

i realised a theme of my thoughts lately, and i realised that i dont think im good enough to have the guy that i want (not the "list" guy, but someone perfect for me) and that im going to have to settle because "he" would be out of my league.

and well, i know that i am my biggest critic, and that im hard on myself, so after reading this secret i realised that i dont want the love i think i deserve because i will be unhappy.

That's why i KNOW that being in love with someone someday that loves me back, will blow me away because i will feel so lucky to have someone love me back that im in love with.

so im just not going to dwell on it any longer, like i have been the past... forever...

i believe that guy will come, and i dont have to search to find him.

hah also, i apologize to the many friends who have already told me this, but i just had to figure it out on my own.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Okay, so im pretty confident that somehow, somewhere there are video cameras... or people from TV or hollywood go on me and my friend's web pages and copy us...

now, Adam has already had this conclusion on his own, so i give him credit for finding it first, but ive resolved this on my own just now, and i sware! its happening!!

like phrases, actions, styles, like things WE MAKE UP! they put in their shows, music, its crazy!!! i dont understand it!

BUT! if anyone from hollywood is out there reading this, i want to act and sing :] you dont need to see me and my friend's interactions from myspace or blogspot... we can just BE THERE.



please shut off your microscopic cameras everywhere if you have them.... thats just creepy!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

vroom vroom

So we're selling our car now, were trying to get money to buy another car... kind of trade it out... because this one just isnt reliable enough. and this is the one were kind of depending on at the moment.

we're trying to get as much as 2000 for it!!! (in your dreams, parents of mine)

its dying, the transmission sounds like crap, the fabric lining on the inside is falling down, it gets bad gas milage cause its a big hunk of metal,

but i guess on the good side is, if you got in a crash you most likely wouldnt have a scratch on you because its like driving a tank,

bad side is,

its like driving a tank.

i really hope we can sell it! maybe to someone who likes fixing old ghetto cars?

maybe we could get a volvo or something :] i mean, after all we dont need a big car.

me and my mom still feel like God is going to drop a car on us somehow, we have no idea how, but... we feel like it will happen.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i need to drink my orange juice

honestly, i think im going to ask my mom to buy orange juice the next time we go to the grocery store...

because now im sick.


not as bad as last time, but seriously... i NEVER get sick! and im not like extra stressed or anything, i mean sure the elections have been stressful, but not to the point where i would make myself sick.

i got it from my brother, so i blame him, at first he just laughed at me, then this morning he said sorry.

not a big deal,

its just inconvenient.

but i feel like its a quick sickness thank God!

i got sick last night, and i feel like im going to be fine tomorrow.

but this just reminds me i need more vitamin C.


Okay so, as some of you may know, ive been wanting to be on disney channel since i was a kid.

as you probably DONT know, im really into acting.

well, being an actress/singer has been my dream for a very very long time, and i was always jealous of people like miley cyrus and demi lovatto and selena gomez, and ive been thinking how in the world am i going to get where they are? they are all so lucky!

now, i dont want to get onto disney channel for fame (even though of coarse thats a plus), i have many other reasons such as being a positive role model for young girls, not being a typical girl in the spotlight with drugs and sex, trying to break some stereotypes, etc.

well i was talking to my mom today and there was an ad on the radio for a talent scout "in my area" that has made people famous like miley cyrus, and demi lovatto, and that "i could be the next hannah montana", and well i know theres a small percentage that i would even be considered, and that its probably too good to be true (trust me, ive thought things through) but after talking with my mom she considered it and considered calling.

i mean... after all, what could it hurt? if i dont make it then my life is just the same, if i do make it then my dream could come true.

now i also know that there are a ton of auditions i would have to go through and all that stuff, but im willing.

but there is a talent school and if i make it in then it is still local so i can still do my duties in Encounter, and then once i am finished with both of those (both encounter and the talent thing) then i just may be able to do what ive always wanted to do.

seriously, just even the thought of it even being a possibility and not just a silly dream, made me tear up a bit. i want this so bad!

I just hope its what God wants too.


:[ seriously.

im EXTREMELY dissapointed, heartbroken, terrified, that he won.

dissapointed: because it made me realise how gullible america is, and how *ahem*stupid society is getting. if you've seen the movie Idiocracy then you get what im talkin about. we are getting closer and closer to that. (if you havent seen it, not something i would recommend other than to see how true it is) its pretty much a movie where the directors took everything that we are becoming and getting closer to and exaggurating it. like there was a church called St. God. and all lounge chairs had toilets in it, and some gatorade type company like... took over the world because they said their product has electrolites in it, so they use it to water their plants, they use it for like gasoline and such. and they all sound stupid, like how they talk. but enough of that movie.

heartbroken: because i know a lot of people were praying for McCain to win, like pleading with God (like in the bible) and it didnt happen. but i mean, i guess its what needed to happen. but still.. its sad.

and terrified: because of what Obama stands for. he is the most pro-abortion candidate (and now president) we have ever had. AND Biden is his VP.... so if obama dies, we have HIM as president :[ and also.... Obama reminds me of Hitler... which scares me.

and, he wants to pull the troops out of Iraq... now... that would be the WORST thing we could do right now. we would just seem weak, our allies will think we will give up every time, not want to join with us again, and mannnnnnnnnnnny people over there will die because we arent protecting them anymore, and what will keep the terrorists from attacking us again? sure some of their people die, but they'll think "psh... america will just give up someday again anyway," and our allies will get attacked, were pretty much giving them power... i mean, isnt this what they want?!? they probably are scheming, waiting for the day when we will pull out just so that they can have a big massacre.

this definetly is history making stuff right here with Obama being president. first Black president, and first wide-spread massacre in ages. honestly, i think 9/11 will be nothing compared to what could happen if we stop.

so yeah.

terrified to the extreme.

bahhhh no

im getting a sore throat!!!!!

grr :[

worst timing too!!! i wanted to be HEALTHY finally!

i thought this flu i had like 3 weeks ago was all the sickness i would have in a while (which is usually the case)

but im wrong i guess.

hopefully i bounce back like i have been everytime i would get "sick" for a day.

maybe it will be gone?


Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay, so just a quick review of whats been goin down with my grandpa,

he has lewie (lewey?) bodies disease. it has symptoms like Alzheimers, Parkinson's, stuff like that.

he has hallucinations, he forgets, years ago he had a stroke so he has those side-affects as well (he's more.... weird)

and well, he first went into a home because he started to get mean to my grandma, then he got violent with the nurses, then went to a different place and then got transferred a couple more times and then at Chase Care Center where he has been for the past couple months... my mom (and me, sometimes) goes to visit him, and they have always been interesting.

everyone in his ward has some sort of dimensia. (the hallucinations and stuff)

well, recently he has started talking about how he doesnt like it there anymore, i mean before he was saying "just about half of everyone here is crazy!" which is funny to hear because well... they all are, including him.

but just this sunday my mom visited him (she's been visiting every sunday for about 3 weeks) and i guess the day before he had thrown something at a nurse, and when my mom visited this time he was cussing at the nurses, and was threatening them, and he said he had a brush in his pocket that well, i wont say what he said he was going to do with it because it's too graphic. (and no, its not shove it up their you-know-what)

but he was telling my mom what he would do with it if they gave him any trouble, and when my mom left i guess he had a fork in his pocket. so he has been getting badddd.

but to make a long story short, last night they had to call 911, and taken to the place that he was taken to the first time he had to leave, and then taken over to a hospital in poway, and they are giving him different medicine.

so... thats been sad, because we thought he was happy there but now he isnt. and now he isnt even there anymore and him being in poway is tough cause now its hard to visit him.


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Okay, so this election ive really gotten into, i watch the debates, i watch the media discussions, me and my mom talk about it, its become the topic of a lot of me and my friend's discussions, its crazy! this is the biggest election in a really long time!

and seriously, im legitimately scared if obama gets in the office, which its looking like he will (im praying he wont, but you never know)

and if he gets assassinated by some racist person, then JOE BIDEN will be our president.

i know theres not much you can do in your first term, but enough to screw things up!

im really NOT excited about this...

if McCain wins i might cry of relief. ugh... cant Election day come sooner??!?


Okay, so, i need some ideas...

how can i get $100, asap? hah. because well, i want to go, but i dont exactly have a job yet, (which i am working on,) and the trip is THIS SUNDAY exactly one week... and well... theres not many spots so i would need to get my stuff in within the next few days...

i wish craig's list wasnt so cheap cause i totally would sell my harry potter book set but it would go for like... 30 bucks... and im not quite sure if im ready to part with them yet, but maybe.


any ideas? besides a lemonade stand, because a 16 year old girl making lemonade would look a little weird, unless you have like a little cousin or sister that i could borrow.


okay, so ive kind of forgotten how much i love doing/dying hair...

not so much my own... its a PAIN to dye myself, well.... mostly just washing it out is the pain, and with the red it bleeds like crazy and constantly is getting on your fingers (even after like 5 showers WITH shampoo!)

but the good thing about it is that it fades slowly, and when it does all of the colors are nice, they dont fade into some gross color...

the blue though was baddd, when it faded it became like a weird green blonde and it looked like either i got algae in my hair, or i was in a pool and didnt wash my hair after...

but yeah,

last night i dyed my friend's hair, like... the whole head, and some chunks for bleach, and some other people were over too, and so my other friend asked "hey what do you think if you dyed my hair too?" and well, to make a long story short, i ended up dying their hair too (not the whole head,) like... chunks with the dark, and one chunk with the bleach, (their first dye ever! i was so proud) and then also my friend's brother's hair (a little streak in the front and a little peek-a-boo chunk on the side)

i was dying non-stop!

like i dye one person's head, then start on the second person, when im done with the second person, its time to wash out the first person, when im done washing out the first person, then its time to wash out the second person, then when im done washing out the second person, then its time to bleach the rest of the first person's un-dyed hair, then its time to do more with the second person's hair, then its time to start the third person's hair, then to wash out the first person's hair, then to wash our the third person's hair, then to bleach the second person's hair, then to wash that out, i was dying for like 2 or 3 hours NON-STOP.

but!!! the good thing is, is i loved doing it! and seeing the outcome was so fun! (even though one of my friend's accidentially picked a darker shade than wanted, and didnt like the color, WHICH I LIKE BY THE WAY,)

but it was fun also cause the other 2 people never dyed their hair before, so it was cool being able to be the one doing it, (it was really nerve-wracking too, but still)

i like it :] if it wouldnt take so long, i wouldnt mind going to hair-school, just to be able to do it professionally and get some cash, who knows... maybe thats how ill get to LA, ill be some amazing hair-stylist at some high-end salon in LA, and some famous person will love my work and become friends with me and then help me out with my music career.

okay, so i have a big imagination...

but still...

i can dream cant i?

and also i kind of have an eye for color, with my mom being an artist and all, its kind of in my genes. so like... i can tell when a color will look good or not, i mean sometimes its undecided, but when i do make the decision its like... set. and turns out good. my only issue is i hate wearing gloves, so during the dying process (depending on what im doing) ill take them off when i can. and then end up having dyed fingers. (which i do right now by the way,)

but yeah.

i like it a lot :]