Friday, November 28, 2008


Sometimes i forget about how great of a sister i have. Not because most of the time she's terrible and i forget because of that, but because she is out of the house and i dont see her much anymore. She's loving, caring, motherly, and has a servants heart.

which brings me to this.

I have my liscence, as you probably know, and my sister heard about how i cant drive the cadillac alone because its the car we're relying on, and if i got in an accident (me being the most inexperienced driver) then there goes that car. Well when she heard about that she felt bad for me so she arranged for me to drive her husband's 2007 Dodge Charger around for a day!

it's black like that too. (yeah, thats what happends when you work in the Border Patrol)

AND she lent me HER car one day when she was out with my mom for a night and didnt need it. and i got to drive that by myself :]

not as flashy, but still. (Nissan Maxima... like 1987 or something)

AND THEN! last night i was just half-joking around saying "anytime you dont need your car, call me up" and so she went over to her husband asking if he was going to work "tomorrow" (today) and he said that he was just going to make a jump for his quad. and so all in all, she let me have her car, all of last night, and over night, and it's still at my house, ready for use.

she get's her car back, when I PICK HER UP in Jamul! and drive her over, for both of us to go shopping! (the way that i got her car, and she was able to get home, was she came over for thanksgiving early, and then her husband came later with his charger, so they had 2 cars at the house.)

my sister is so nice! sometimes i cant stand it (seriously) but other times i cant believe it!

even though my sister doesnt read my blog,

Thank you April!!! so much!

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