Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dark Lay Still, lays still no more!

So, my brother had this band a few years ago called Dark Lay Still, and well they got pretty popular or at least pretty dang loved by a large amount of people. they got on the radio (105.7) and made a demo CD and such, and well eventually the band broke up, but made another band X-ray of a Graveyard, then ended that, then made another band called Shyanne, then ended that, then made another band called The Miracle Of... and then ended that...

and now

a record guy i guess myspaced Dark Lay Still, and wants to sign them legitimately! so thats pretty awesome!

yay for Jackie!

and yay for some of my friends who like.... worship Dark Lay Still!

im really excited for my brother! but kind of worried just because he will end up going on tour, which means leaving me, which means suckiness.

so yeah... but who knows?!? maybe if Jackie gets signed, then he can get in the mix of the record label business and maybe somehow help me along and put in a good word to some record label friends who i hope he makes...

i mean, i asked God what he wants me to do, and he told me to just keep going with what im doing and the necessities for right now, and leave the future up to him for now, so who knows?

yay Dark Lay Still!

oh and! that means my brother will be playing shows, which means some in SD meaning i could go see them, meaning i could go to another hardcore show, meaning i could bring my friends and go in the pit and such! yay!


Tubbums said...

I'm so freakin' excited for this that I just peededed my pants! I can't wait! HAPPY GIT-FIDLIN"-DAY!

chanchanblog said...

WOO! Jackie told me about this! I'm excited!