Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay, so just a quick review of whats been goin down with my grandpa,

he has lewie (lewey?) bodies disease. it has symptoms like Alzheimers, Parkinson's, stuff like that.

he has hallucinations, he forgets, years ago he had a stroke so he has those side-affects as well (he's more.... weird)

and well, he first went into a home because he started to get mean to my grandma, then he got violent with the nurses, then went to a different place and then got transferred a couple more times and then at Chase Care Center where he has been for the past couple months... my mom (and me, sometimes) goes to visit him, and they have always been interesting.

everyone in his ward has some sort of dimensia. (the hallucinations and stuff)

well, recently he has started talking about how he doesnt like it there anymore, i mean before he was saying "just about half of everyone here is crazy!" which is funny to hear because well... they all are, including him.

but just this sunday my mom visited him (she's been visiting every sunday for about 3 weeks) and i guess the day before he had thrown something at a nurse, and when my mom visited this time he was cussing at the nurses, and was threatening them, and he said he had a brush in his pocket that well, i wont say what he said he was going to do with it because it's too graphic. (and no, its not shove it up their you-know-what)

but he was telling my mom what he would do with it if they gave him any trouble, and when my mom left i guess he had a fork in his pocket. so he has been getting badddd.

but to make a long story short, last night they had to call 911, and taken to the place that he was taken to the first time he had to leave, and then taken over to a hospital in poway, and they are giving him different medicine.

so... thats been sad, because we thought he was happy there but now he isnt. and now he isnt even there anymore and him being in poway is tough cause now its hard to visit him.


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