Sunday, November 2, 2008


okay, so ive kind of forgotten how much i love doing/dying hair...

not so much my own... its a PAIN to dye myself, well.... mostly just washing it out is the pain, and with the red it bleeds like crazy and constantly is getting on your fingers (even after like 5 showers WITH shampoo!)

but the good thing about it is that it fades slowly, and when it does all of the colors are nice, they dont fade into some gross color...

the blue though was baddd, when it faded it became like a weird green blonde and it looked like either i got algae in my hair, or i was in a pool and didnt wash my hair after...

but yeah,

last night i dyed my friend's hair, like... the whole head, and some chunks for bleach, and some other people were over too, and so my other friend asked "hey what do you think if you dyed my hair too?" and well, to make a long story short, i ended up dying their hair too (not the whole head,) like... chunks with the dark, and one chunk with the bleach, (their first dye ever! i was so proud) and then also my friend's brother's hair (a little streak in the front and a little peek-a-boo chunk on the side)

i was dying non-stop!

like i dye one person's head, then start on the second person, when im done with the second person, its time to wash out the first person, when im done washing out the first person, then its time to wash out the second person, then when im done washing out the second person, then its time to bleach the rest of the first person's un-dyed hair, then its time to do more with the second person's hair, then its time to start the third person's hair, then to wash out the first person's hair, then to wash our the third person's hair, then to bleach the second person's hair, then to wash that out, i was dying for like 2 or 3 hours NON-STOP.

but!!! the good thing is, is i loved doing it! and seeing the outcome was so fun! (even though one of my friend's accidentially picked a darker shade than wanted, and didnt like the color, WHICH I LIKE BY THE WAY,)

but it was fun also cause the other 2 people never dyed their hair before, so it was cool being able to be the one doing it, (it was really nerve-wracking too, but still)

i like it :] if it wouldnt take so long, i wouldnt mind going to hair-school, just to be able to do it professionally and get some cash, who knows... maybe thats how ill get to LA, ill be some amazing hair-stylist at some high-end salon in LA, and some famous person will love my work and become friends with me and then help me out with my music career.

okay, so i have a big imagination...

but still...

i can dream cant i?

and also i kind of have an eye for color, with my mom being an artist and all, its kind of in my genes. so like... i can tell when a color will look good or not, i mean sometimes its undecided, but when i do make the decision its like... set. and turns out good. my only issue is i hate wearing gloves, so during the dying process (depending on what im doing) ill take them off when i can. and then end up having dyed fingers. (which i do right now by the way,)

but yeah.

i like it a lot :]

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