Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i wanted this to be posted at 1:00

but i would have to type REALLY FAST.

because its 1:00am right now...


unless i ended the post right NOW!

but no.

i didnt


i wrote a deaf event paper for my ASL class, and well im kind of proud of it... and hope i get a FREEKIN good grade on it... because well... the last time i saw my grade it was a C.

i know what your thinking... a C?!? but you're SOOOOOO amazing at sign language! how could you ever get a C oh wonderful summer!?! well, here's how...

if you read my blog before, you would know that i was sick... 2 times before now... and that i thought i was dying, lost weight, etc. well... on a day where i was especially dying, i couldnt make it to class... so i missed 1 test.... which, effected my grade greatly. because your grade goes down with any absences... not to mention the few wrong answers on the previous tests i had taken.... i got a B on an essay test so that wasnt too bad, but ever since i saw that i had like a C (ish) i HAD to pick up the pace... so i studied, made sure to do good on tests, pay attention, etc. so this paper could possibly give me an A! along with the second essay test i took (which i think im getting the grade back for tomorrow) so yeah.

but also,

today i took an assessment test for English next semester, and well... i got there at 3:00 and didnt leave until about 6:00! and in ALL of that, we only had ONE 5 minute break. where i didnt even go outside! i wish i did though because when people were walking outside i looked out the door (at the end of the 5 minutes) and saw that the sky was SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! and i got really sad because i was stuck in a classroom, one that i already was in for about 2 hours, and i was away from that amazing sunset that i only got to experience a glimpse of... i cant even imagine how AMAZING the whole sky would have been!!!

i hope the weather is exactly the same tomorrow as it was today, so that i can see it tomorrow night :]

but i doubt it...

i dont really have anything else to write but i want to post this at 1:11am since i couldnt post it at 1:00 but its 1:07 right now (im going to tell you the time from now on)

but i guess i could say, that the Jonas Brothers (its 1:08) were on Jay Leno tonight, and i almost missed it completely! i was watching disney channel, and then i started channel surfing (its 1:09) and i saw those 3 beautiful faces sitting on Jays now beautiful couch. and i freaked! i was thinking "how did i not get an e-mail about this?" because well... i get e-mail updates, and myspace blog updates, and such (its 1:10) for when they will be on TV... and i didnt see this! so i was bummed, because when i found them on TV Joe (my love) was doing stand up comedy (he was standing up hah) and he had said his last joke! i was so sad! so ill have to look it up (1:11)

and also end this post before its 1:12 and then well... im definetly not staying online until its 11:11 because that would be past when i have to go to school

so bye.

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